MUCH Amsterdam



MUCH Creative™ AMSTERDAM is a collaboration studio representing super inspiring + hyper-productive artists in Motion, CGI, illustration, and experiential environments. Offering consultation services for artists and advertisers alike.

MUCH creative

our shared goal is world-class creative output. we represent artists who embrace change and test boundaries, while ensuring your creative needs are met and exceeded. we're all in this together.

MUCH efficient

our unique approach delivers uncommon speed + value that works with the realities of business today. we're fast and good.

MUCH respect

we love our artists and are amazed by what they do. we recognize that each one brings unique experiences, values, and passions - and we set each one up for success.

MUCH zen

we hate drama. seriously, doesn't everything seem so strangely tense these days? we won't add to your stress. we're remarkably chill.

MUCH impact

we deliver stunningly effective creative, without any of the the bs. we foster ongoing client partnerships vs. one-off transactions. we make it happen.

Rutger Paulusse
Art Director & Consultant
+316 1431 81 67